Joule Cyclone

Cyclone Unvented Cylinders

Our unvented cylinders are built on quality and performance, with one of the widest ranges of models available you can be sure there is a model to suit.

The Joule hot water cylinder is noted for its attractive metallic grey finish. Noticeably there is no cheap plastic used on the outer casing. Inside only the best materials are used, duplex stainless steel body, stainless fittings, and coils.

For heat pump ready cylinders our coil quality sets us apart. Joule Cyclone High Gain range of cylinders use high recovery smooth tube coils for optimal performance. No other coil type on the market today offers the same transfer rate as a smooth stainless tube.

The Joule hot water cylinder is manufactured to the highest standards making it the Ireland & UKs’ number one cylinder brand.

We Stock The Following Joule Cylinders

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